Odour Block Seat Foam

The foam that neutralises unpleasant odours

A bad smell is the first thing visitors notice when they walk into an aged care facility. The odour of urine can be overpowering to visitors and can really turn potential residents off.

This nasty smell comes when fluid “trapped” in the seat foam of the furniture. The foam acts like a giant sponge. Now, we always design our furniture and upholstery with this in mind but it is just about impossible to eliminate the problem completely.

Now there’s an answer! At Smart Seating, we developed ODOUR BLOCK – a seat foam that neutralises the smell of urine and other bacteria.

Smart Seating is the only manufacturer to utilise this technology.

Not convinced? Test it yourself. Contact us and we will send you a sample.

Put anything organic on it and see if it keeps the smell!!