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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Smart Seating will occasionally receive and store information you provide. This information is generally collected through online forms and may include information such as your email address, phone number and product requirements. Smart Seating will not disclose this information to any third party for any reason unless required to by law. In the event that you make an online purchase through our website we will ask you for whatever information is necessary to complete the transaction. Typically this includes your contact and delivery details. In this case your delivery details will be passed on to our carriers or your nominated carrier to allow for delivery of the goods.

Payment Information

We use PayPal as our secure online payment gateway. At no time are any of your PayPal account details including your login and password or your credit card details transmitted to, or visible to, our website. Your payments are handled directly with PayPal. Smart Seating is only notified of the success or failure of the transaction.

Google Analytics

Smart Seating makes use of Google Analytics to gather information and statistics about how our web content is used as well as statistics about website visitors such as their browsers and geographic location. No personally identifying information is collected.

The information collected includes:

  • How visitors arrived at our pages (e.g. directly from a bookmark or typing in an address; from a search engine; linked from another page)
    which pages are viewed and for how long, including the viewing time and date
  • The general geographical locations of visitors (as indicated by the network or internet service provider they use) and the speed of their internet connections
  • Technical information about the computers or devices used to browse pages, including the operating systems, browsers, plug-ins, screen types and default languages.

To opt out of analytics, you can download a browser add-on from Google. Alternatively, you can set your browser to refuse or delete cookies from Google Analytics. Check your browsers help information to find out how. This applies not just to the Smart Seating website but to any website that uses Google Analytics.

Other cookies and tracking

There may be additional cookies and tracking in our website for the purposes of:

  • creating anonymous usage statistics and analytics for the site or system
  • managing transactions across multiple pages
  • authenticating you to systems and keeping you logged in
  • remembering your preferences

Some Smart Seating web pages may also contain embedded content from other sites, such as videos, audio, slideshows, maps, forms, surveys and social media. This content may contain cookies from the originating site. Please refer to the original site for their privacy policies.

If you wish, you can set your browser to refuse or delete these cookies. Check your browsers help information to find out how.