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Repair, refurbish and reupholster

Original and re-upholstered patient chair

One of our most common requests is to refurbish existing pieces of furniture. In fact, we often suggest to our clients they consider refurbishment rather than replacement of their current pieces.

Typically, refurbishing furniture will save between 30% and 50% over the cost of replacement. Refurbishment can include upholstery replacement, refinishing of timber frames, re-foaming of seat cushions and re-powdercoating steel frames.



Smart Seating provides a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance program specifically designed for health and aged care furniture.

Our compact and quiet steam cleaners superheat dry steam vapour to dissolve dirt and grime and kill bacteria, leaving furniture clean and sanitised. All this is done without the use of chemicals which have the potential to cause allergic and respiratory problems for residents.

So why use Smart Seating to clean your furniture?

It will get done.
Your staff are busy and furniture doesn’t always get the cleaning attention it should. If you ask us to do it, it will always get done.

Infection Control
Managing infection control is a constant problem. We use high pressure steam cleaners that generate superheated steam and kill bacteria.

Minimal Disruption
Our steam cleaners are quiet, use NO CHEMICALS. and generate 94% dry steam to minimise drying time.

We can provide furniture cleaning for one off jobs or for ongoing cleaning and maintenance programs.